Highlights- 5 WOC candidates

It is unacceptable that a global economy like CA is home to high rates of poverty and leaving too many communities behind. I am dedicated to achieving a working economy that creates lasting jobs in which workers can thrive and that provides opportunities for all.
— Betty Yee

Betty Yee

California State Controller- Born to immigrant parents and the second oldest of six children, Yee grew up speaking no English at home. When not in school, she worked the counter of her parents dry-cleaning business, interacting with customers and often translating for her parents with vendors as well as conducting the financial transactions for them. After minding the family business when young, Betty now minds the store for California as its Controller. She has worked in state finances for three decades and is an elected member of the Board of Equalization. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley and holds a master’s degree in public administration. Yee has a strong commitment to mentoring and supporting women, youth, and those from our diverse communities of color.

California faces financial challenges that can only be solved through innovation, experience, and commitment. I’m running for Treasurer to make sure our state works for everyone.
— Fiona Ma

Fiona May

California State Treasurer - Elected to the California state assembly from 2006-2012, Fiona became the first Asian American woman to become Speaker pro Tempore. She is currently one of two Certified Public Accountants to ever have served on the Board of Equitation, helping her understand the challenges that taxpayers and business face today. She has worked endlessly to increase accessibility, accountability, and transparency at the Board of Equalization as well as to uphold the highest level of integrity in government. She holds master’s degrees in taxation and business administration, and previously worked for then-state Sen. John Burton before being elected to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors.

As a state representative, I spend every day fighting for my constituents and as lieutenant governor you will be able to count on me to stand up for you.
— Julianna Stratton

Julianna Stratton

Illinois JB’s Pritzkers lieutenant governor - Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Julliana is a proud graduate of Kenwood Academy High School, the University of Illinois, and DePaul University College of Law. She is a mother of three beautiful young women, and a proud delegate of the Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership. She is passionate about reforming the criminal justice system, and has focused much of her career on this work.

We are our best when we work to protect the well-being and rights of all of us.
— January Contreras

January Contreras

Arizona Attorney General - As a Deputy County Attorney, Assistant Attorney General, founder of a not-for-profit and, most importantly, as a mother to two children, January has always been driven to protect others. She has long history of fighting for Arizonans as a county and state prosecutor before founding a legal aid organization to protect Arizona's women, children, and families. Having battled against cuts to health care for working families, protected seniors from abuse and exploitation, stopped fraud against small businesses and government, and combatted violence against women, January envisions an Arizona that feels safe for all.

When my dad was born, he didn’t have the opportunity to vote. It was only when he was older that black individuals got the opportunity to vote. Even then, voting in Mississippi in the 1970’s was tumultuous in its own right. It was one of those understood things that we were cut out of the system for so long, that even when granted the opportunity it still didn’t feel like we were welcome as a people.
— Deidre DeJear

deidre dejear.jpg

Deidre DeJear

Iowa Secretary of State candidate - After watching her grandmother become County Elections Commissioner in the Nineties, DeJear learned the value of engaging the community through voting. As part of working statewide to re-elect President Barack Obama in 2012, she implemented a program to educate and mobilize low-propensity voters. The program resulted in over 5,000 new registrants and more than doubled African American turnout. Over the past decade, she has also dedicated her career to building relationships in the community and small businesses development, as she believes small businesses are the backbone of our economy. As the sole-founder of Caleo Enterprises, Deidre’s work has made affordable marketing tools and business strategies accessible to over 300 small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Madeline Beeton