September 19, 2018

Startup Launches Innovative Tool for Democrats to Beat GOP in Digital Ads

Outfox AI Launches Powerful Online Marketing & Fundraising Tool for Congressional and State Legislative Candidates

(New York, NY) -
Today, Higher Ground Labs-backed startup Outfox AI announced the launch of an innovative, user-friendly platform that makes Facebook advertising simple and efficient for political campaigns and progressive causes. Founded by NYC digital advertising and marketing executives, Outfox AI seeks to leverage private sector know-how to help Democratic campaigns bridge the digital gap in voter outreach and get-out-the-vote this midterm cycle.

"We founded Outfox AI to bring the latest innovations from the private sector and advertising tech to Democratic campaigns, up and down the ballot, who urgently need to reach donors and voters to win," said Philipp Tsipman, Outfox AI CEO and Co-Founder.

Outfox AI’s self-service tools use precise online targeting, automation, and machine learning to enable campaigns to better understand what issues voters care about and improve ad performance and efficiency.

“To win in 2018 and 2020, we must reach and activate a new age of 21st century voters that live their day-to-day lives on social media,” said Betsy Hoover, Higher Grounds Labs Founding Partner and former Obama campaign Digital Organizing Director. “Outfox AI understands this mission and is committed to helping all Democratic campaigns, regardless of funds or digital experience, wage smart and effective online campaigns that reach donors and voters where they are.”

“Many political campaigns, both up and down the ballot, struggle with the complexity of running effective digital ads. These campaigns need easy-to-use tools to fundraise, reach voters, and recruit volunteers.” said Dima Martirosyan, Outfox AI COO and Co-Founder. We built Outfox AI to solve some of the biggest pain-points campaigns experience in their digital outreach today.”

According to the New York Times, Democrats running in the 2018 midterm cycle are falling drastically behind their GOP rivals on the digital front, as they did in 2016. Many democratic candidates are spending as little as 10% of their budgets on digital ads, versus 40%+ percent for many Republicans.

“Outfox AI is solving the central challenge before the Democratic Party: building a low-cost, intuitive, and effective platform that helps Democrats reach their voters online. Outfox AI founders Dima and Philipp are ad-tech all-stars that have joined the fight at a critical moment,” said Shomik Dutta, Higher Ground Labs Founding Partner and former Obama campaign Fundraiser.

The startup will work with first-time Congressional and state legislative campaigns.


Outfox AI offers online marketing and fundraising tools built specifically for political and progressive causes. For media inquiries, e-mail us at